Our company manufacture a wide range of polyethylene films in various finishes: natural colour, coloured or printed, as well as additivated for UV protection, antistatic, anti-slippage and anti-block. Our products were specially designed to cover as many areas of applicability as possible. 

Regular films for various applications to meet a variety of needs:

  • Lay-flat & Gusseted lay-flat films
  • Single-wound sheeting
  • Centre fold sheeting
  • High pixel print grade films
  • Pallet / Euro-pallets top and base sheets
  • Lamination grade films
  • Micro-perforated sheets

Shrink films for various applications to meet a variety of needs: 

  • Product protection during transport and distribution
  • Preservation of goods and products
  • Collation packs
  • Shrink pallets / euro-pallets covers
  • Heavy-gage resistant PE films
  • Common use films
  • Products
  • Products
  • Products


All shrink films can be printed for eye-catching identification or promotional and marketing purposes.

Agricultural and horticultural films:

  • Greenhouse UV stabilized film
  • Mulching film
  • Anti-fog film

Flexographic printed films for various custom applications:

  • Food and Beverage wrappers
  • Pallet Hoods used in the Construction industry
  • Mailing films
  • Bags for Building Materials Companies and Construction Industry

Polyethene film for these products can be supplied plain or printed to promote your company name, brand or logo. 


A constant concern of our Company is the recycling process of the polyethylene films for protecting the environment and to comply with the EU rules and regulations, therefore, among our products, recycled films can be found.